The fee structure below outlines the cost of classes for the 2018-2019 dance season. Fees must be paid in two payments, according to the calendar year. Cash or cheque can be made payable to "Diva Dance". Email transfers should be sent to the contact email for the location your child dances. Cheques should be post-dated for September 15th and January 15th. Discounts are calculated per dancer. Late payments are subject to a late fee of $25.00 per month. Please note that these fees do not include costumes or competition entry costs. Costumes will be billed in October and competition entry fees will be billed in February. 

One class: $350.00 (two payments of $175.00)

Two classes: $500.00 (two payments of $250.00)

Three classes: $630.00 (two payments of $315.00)

Four classes: $720.00 (two payments of $360.00)

Five classes: $800.00 (two payments of $400.00)

Six classes: $880.00 (two payments of $440.00)

Seven classes: $950.00 (two payments of $475.00)

Eight classes: $1030.00 (two payments of $515.00)

Nine classes: $1100.00 (two payments of $550.00)

Ten classes: $1180.00 (two payments of $590.00)

Eleven classes: $1260.00 (two payments of $630.00)

Twelve classes: $1340.00 (two payments of $670.00)

Payment #1 DUE: Thursday September 20th 2018 
Payment #2 DUE: Thursday January 24th 2019

**Cheques will de deposited at the end of the month, but must be handed in by the deadline to give the bookkeeper time to enter payments. The late fee will apply to all payments handed in after the deadlines.

Additional Costs to be paid throughout the season:
End of October:

Costumes: ~$80.00 per class
Tights: ~$15.00 each
Hairpiece: ~$50.00 (optional for Diva Dolls)

End of February:
Competition: ~$20.00/class per competition
(does not apply to Diva Dolls – they attend one competition for FREE)