- A tentative 2018-2019 class schedule for our Grenfell location has now been posted on the Schedule page. The tentative schedules for Kipling and Whitewood are coming soon. We expect Kipling and Whitewood to run on the same days, and approximately the same dance times as last season. 

- Unfortunately, we will not be hosting a summer camp this season. 

- In-person registration will be held on Wednesday August 22nd in Kipling and Grenfell.  Whitewood in-person registration will be held in conjunction with the Rec Night in September - date to be announced soon.

- Electronic registration is now open.  All current students have been sent the registration form via email. It is also available on our website here.

- If you would like to be added to our email distribution list please Contact Us and include which location you are inquiring about. 

​- We hope all of the Diva Dancers and parents have a wonderful summer!


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Diva Dance is an independently run dance studio with locations in Grenfell, Kipling, and Whitewood Saskatchewan. We are proud to have many students from Grenfell, Kipling, Broadview, Whitewood, Wolseley, Wapella, Moosomin and many more communities! We strive to provide quality education to dancers in rural areas. We offer a wide variety of classes and have a qualified enthusiastic staff. We look forward to working with you and your dancer in a disciplined, positive, and encouraging environment!

Please visit our Contact Us page, if you can't find the answers to your questions on our website!