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Class Descriptions

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This class includes general instruction in tap and ballet, with incorporated singing and creative movement.  The goal of this class is to teach musicality, interaction with others, and the basics of dance in a fun environment.

Approx. age 3-5​​

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Complete tap instruction. Dancers will learn musicality and rhythm while dancing.

For shoe requirements please see "Proper Shoes" on our Documents page.

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Class consists of all aspects of jazz instruction, including barre, isolation, travelling, and routine work.  All dancers require black laceless split soled jazz shoes.

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Class consists of all aspects of ballet instruction, including barre, centre floor, and choreography.  Dancers will perform a demi-character or classical routine on stage.

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Class works on strength, flexibility, and endurance to keep dancers in excellent physical shape. Class incorporates some yoga practice.  All intermediate and senior level jazz & acro dancers must be enrolled in the conditioning class.

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Mini Diva students receive an advanced tap/ballet combination class, with an option to take an additional jazz class. Dancers will continue to build on what they have learnt in the Diva Dolls combination class. They will also be introduced to  a new dance style if they take the jazz class. 

Ages 5-7 (depending on experience)

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Class focuses on acrobatic skills, incorporating balance, agility and motor co-ordination. Each dancer will work at their own individual level and progress according to their physical ability.  Dancers will take class in bare feet. 

**NEW** Starter Acro for dancers aged 3-7

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Class consists of instruction in different styles of hip hop.  This is a relaxed fun class, focussing more on style than technique.  All dancers require runners. The colour of runners will be determined once costumes have been chosen. 

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Class encompasses technical elements from both ballet and jazz. Dancers learn to portray the lyrics in the music through movement. Lines are traditional and classical.

Dancers must be enrolled in jazz and ballet. 

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Similar to lyrical, this class incorporates movements from both jazz and ballet. Unlike lyrical, contemporary includes abstract lines and raw movements. This class is intended for experienced lyrical dancers who want to try different styles. Dancers must be enrolled in lyrical, jazz and ballet. 


The CDTA program is designed for dancers who are serious about their dance education. This program tests the students and allows them to learn a structured syllabus. Dancers must be committed and focussed to be successful in the CDTA program. Instructors must give permission for dancers to enrol in these classes. The CDTA program is highly recommended for dancers who are driven and dedicated. The program is extremely beneficial for a dancer's training.  

Please visit our Documents page to download the "Exam Info Sheet" which outlines what to expect in your first year of the program.

If your child wishes to enrol in this program, please do not hesitate to Contact Us for more information.  

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