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Diva Doll Costume Order Form - Grenfell & Whitewood

Please carefully complete this form and ensure all information is accurate. 

Diva Doll Tap Costume
Diva Dolls Costume.jpeg

Tights Requirements - Suntan Tights


WW Diva Dolls Costume.jpeg


Recommendations for ordering tights:

1) Order one size larger than the sizing chart suggests

2) Order at least one extra pair  

Pre-ordered tights purchased now are $15.00/pair

Tights purchased from the studio stock later on are $20.00/pair

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 9.26.56 PM.png
Culy Ponytail Hairpiece
Curly Ponytail Hairpiece.jpeg

Please remember this amount for your payment.

Cash or email transfer payments are accepted. Cash should be given directly to instructors in a labelled envelope.

Please review the EMT instructions carefully before sending a transfer. 

All transfers MUST go to

The forms are due November 20th and the deadline for payments is November 25th.  

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